I made few random screenshots in my brand new save with Maurice and Margaux while I was checking if my game runs well. There is still something weird going on, I guess I will have to solve this when I’ll get back home. :(

Anonymous: WCIF Fitz's facial hair?


I’m not on my laptop right now (not sure when I will be) so I can’t check, but I remember I saw a post with new facial hair on MS3B and downloaded all facial hair from this creator… Probably. ;) 

Here, Beard 7. 

I had this in my drafts for some time and I have no idea why I haven’t posted it earlier. So… Separate tuxedo jacket anyone? It would be awesome if there would be jacket like this, so we could use it as formal or semi-formal because let’s be honest, full outfits are boring.

I’m really shocked that there are no separate tuxedo jackets like this… I couldn’t find them so if there are, send me link please! But for now this is my cc wish. :)

Edit. Thanks to HystericalParoxysm. <3

Semi Hiatus

Sorry guys, I will be half active and I won’t post anything sims related for now. Spending holidays in a big city is more time consuming than I thought ^^ also I forgot how beautiful polish sea is *.* 

Anonymous: are you going to upload fitz or dorian any time soon?

Well, I have no idea to be honest. Now I’m on holidays, not really in the mood to open my game. I’m sure I will get bored with them eventually, but it’s more likely I will upload Dorian because I made so many background stories for Fitz, I think I feel too much attached right now ^^ 

Anonymous: I need Walt and Mysterious Lady sim in my life. They're gorgeous!!! You always make the most beautiful sims. Will you be putting them up for download? (I understand completely if no!)

*.* Thank you. I’m always trying to make pretty faces and it’s so nice when people actually like them <3 And Walt, yes, he will be uploaded in the future, when… well, I can’t tell. I want to use him for something first and I have few ideas in my mind right now. :)

Mysterious lady was made for a friend so she’s not going to be uploaded for sure. I just wanted to see how she would look with another sim, huehue. 

Sometimes when I’m in CAS, I change Fitz’s appearance and then make up a story for him. This is how Fitz version from present times would look like.

You all need to calm down and look at this HELLA HOT Clint Eastwood with a kitten. I’m not going to delete this post, never.

Hella Cute Stockings (not really)

Ok, so these are more like tights but who cares. They are hella cute. I saw them some time ago and I thought why not make them for sims, so yeah, here they are. Nothing fancy, just simple shapes in Photoshop. 

  • T-E (because elders would like to be hella cute too!)
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Hella Cute Stockings

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*Mika is wearing: Sweater by Momosims, Skirt by Momosims and Shoes by Pixicat.

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