About sims requests and holiday HIATUS

I agreed to make sims for some people who messaged me but that’s it for now. I’m really sorry if you wanted a sim from me, but right now I’m unable to make sims. I have no idea if this “hate state” for a sims game is going to last long or short. I uploaded a lot of my sims, you can take them, edit them, do whatever you want, have fun.

Now, hiatus. I’m going on my holiday FINALLY!!! Just me, my man, sea and no internet. I won’t be here for a week, probably longer. ;) So see you later alligator :P


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Anonymous: Hello!! I think you make the most beautiful sims ever and the clothes they wear are perfect!! I always have a hard time finding nice male clothing, do you have any suggestions on where I should look?

Thank you, anon <3 

My all time fave male clothing creators are: peacemaker-ic, simsimi-only-mine, the77sim3, shokoninio, rusty nail. You can also find really nice clothes at simt0rr, jinglestartk, modish kitten, littlemsim. ;)

Here, have this 9 pixel potatoes. Sims are saved in base game clothes (I lost my patience during save process so I haven’t choose all of their outfits, sorry) without any makeup except eyelashes. You can see how ugly my potatoes are without ton of makeup lol. 

Have fun with them, do whatever you want, change whatever you want. Links to optional CC under read more.


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Sim request for chipmunksims <3

Nadezhda as an android from Dan Simmons’ novel


Farrow X Bryton 

yes last post, for tonight ;)

sims by andhisrabbits <3

**click for higher quality? thanks :)**

Anonymous: do you have any plans to make a sim dump?

Yes, in near future. Right now I’m not in the mood to open my game and make previews, I’m little bit too busy and too excited about my upcoming holiday. ;)

Sims requested by imshmackedsims

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