Headyn back again .

It’s perfect!


len is super hot. so is walt. no all your sims are gorgeous

Ah, good old Len, I need to tweak him! Thanks, you are lovely <333

Abby for Anons <3

Do whatever you like with her, use her as a base etc. Sorry that previews are edited like this but I have no time to make something different. Here is unedited picture of her with and without makeup, be aware, lol.

She’s saved with makeup and some clothes. 

CC List

hair | top | bottom (katherine skirt) | pattern | shoes | nails | rings

skin | eyebrows | eyes | lips | moles | nose shadow | cheek shadow | face shine | nose mask 1 | pancake nose mask | nose mask 3 | nose light


DOWNLOAD (.sim) Mediafire (no, I won’t upload sims3pack, sorry)

Thanks to all CC creators. 

PS I converted eyes by Brntwaffles for females, just for my own use because I freaking love these contacts - I won’t upload them or sth, just so you know they won’t show up on her. Do it by yourself or choose different eyes, it’s up to you. ^^ Have fun with her!


there's any chance to upload ephrain? thanks for the tutorial btw <3

Well, Ephraim is Walt, just with different skin and hair color etc. ^^ Let’s say it’s his AU version. I will upload original Walt, I just don’t know when, not in near future for sure, I’m little bit busy right now. 

And you’re welcome! :)

Have you ever seen a vampire in daylight?



I went into my photoshoot save and Jamiro from Joes-Stuff was digging through the garbage outside the house.

Don’t look embarrassed because you got caught.

HAHAHAHAHA xDD OMG why is he doing this in everybodys game ;^; xDD


"You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your Ipod, MP3 Player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 people and pass it on!”

I wasn’t tagged but I wanted to do this anyway, so yeah ^^

1. Porter Robinson - Spirfire (Akesson Remix)

2. The National - Sin-Eaters

3. Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line

4. Tinie Tempah - Lost Ones (feat. Paloma Faith)

5. Empire of the Sun - Celebrate

6. Placebo - Ask For Answers

7. Martin Garrix & Sleazy Stereo - ITSA

8. Faithless - God Is A DJ 

9. Beck - Sweet Sunshine

10. Beastie Boys - Spam (F Milk Dee)

(not tagging)


…or Walt as a vampire.

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