Abby’s sister, Gloria

I’m going to make a tutorial about my editing

I have been receiving questions about this for some time and since I deleted my first tutorial-ish post (because I’m stupid), I need to make a new one. 

People ask me usually about this Gaussian blur effect and how to make sims look realistic. I want to make this tutorial properly so… Is there anything else you want to know?

Various Male Poses (too lazy to name it properly)

Yeah, some of them are from my previous male poses set, just tweaked a little bit. And I used some of them before, here and here.

  • 5 random poses
  • poselist compatible
  • accessory bag and cigarette friendly 
  • yeah I still have this ‘broken limbs’ problem, so beware


DOWNLOAD (.package) Mediafire

*Walt is wearing Jacket by Peacemaker, Pants by RustyNail. His hairstyle is by NightcrawlerPainting is by Plumbponette, Book Holder by Black Sweety.

Simblr Community: Please, Let Us Set An Example


At this moment, our little online world is facing a storm of information regarding the progressively violent situation in Ferguson, Missouri.  

Feelings are heightened for many and people may be looking for places to vent their frustration.  I would ask that we, in our little community, do our best to maintain our respect for each other.  

Please, if you must sent messages to simblrs, who you know to be either of European or African ancestry, then send messages of comfort and love.

Please, let us not build negativity here, because what is happening there, in Ferguson, is not about here on Tumblr. We, on Tumblr, ought to try our best to keep each other aware of what is happening, without disregarding our overarching humanity. 

We are all humans behind our computer or cellular phone screens. We are all humans who are suffering from all the tragedies occurring in the world around us, whether ‘big’ or ‘small’.  

We are all humans, let us treat each other as such. Do not let the screen act as a filter for the empathy and humanity that is within you.


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